What is a Professional Timelapse Video?

A timelapse is a short video that shows the development of a series of events. This recording technique makes it possible to follow the evolution of an object over a longer or shorter period of time. Professional timelapse photography requires planning and extensive resources. The final products are immersive, beautiful and timeless, making it a perfect tool to enhance your brand image.

Advantages of the Professional Timelapse Video

Timelapse photography is a brilliant way to tell stories. Since great stories are essential to good marketing, the benefits of a timelapse can be enormous. Aside from marketing, a timelapse can also give you great insight into the progress of a project. You can use timelapse videos to show your customers the assembly line of your factory, or to document large construction projects that take months or even years to complete. Business owners can show their customers how the showroom was renovated. Event planners can create promotional videos using timelapse to document the success of events.

What makes Spaceify unique?

In timelapse photography, all aspects such as lighting, shooting angle, weather changes, storage, power, etc. must be considered. Moreover, post-production and video editing are of great importance in creating high-quality timelapse video productions. It is a delicate process that requires constant care, monitoring and maintenance; a process that our timelapse team at Spaceify is very familiar with.