What is a 360 Video?

360 degree videos are different from regular videos because they are recorded from all directions, giving you a 360-degree view. The viewing direction of these videos can be controlled so that you can view the video in any direction.

Advantages of the 360 Videography

When included in your digital marketing strategy, 360 video content provides clear benefits. In addition to giving unlimited potential to viewers and content creators, it also encourages engagement. There is no doubt that your audience is likely to respond better to your marketing efforts if the content is immersive and 360 degrees.

What makes Spaceify unique?

Spaceify always invests in state-of-the-art equipment to make the most of today’s technology. We are one of the few companies who is capable of producing stuning 11K videos in Hong Kong. Our 10-bit video shooting capability also allows us to shoot low-light environments with extremely low noise levels, a quantum leap in 360 videography. Create a 360 video story that catches the attention of your audience and makes it memorable without technology limitations.

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